Rod Robertson Auto Auction LLC - A Public Consignment Auction Dealer
Per Arizona Law Exempt From
1. Implied warranty of merchantability described in ARS 28-4412 and 44-1267
2. Emissions inspection pursuant to ARS 49-542D

Vehicles are auctioned AS-IS, WHERE-IS (with all faults), WITHOUT WARRANTY or GUARANTEE, either expressed or implied, as to age, year of manufacturer, make, model, condition or any other specification. Descriptions of vehicles, either written or oral, are furnished as a guide only. No guarantee as to accuracy of description is made. Some vehicles may have salvage or export only title. Salvage title and export only vehicles, when known, are announced. Absence of mention of salvage title or export only vehicle does not constitute any warranty or guarantee. This auction is conducted WITH RESERVES. The seller reserves the right to approve the final transfer of property to the successful bidder, even after the auctioneer states, “SOLD.” The seller reserves the right to place a reserve price and bid on his/her own lots being offered for sale or bid through the auction administrator or auctioneer, up to the reserve price. In accordance with customary auction rules and procedures, an auction is not a “pure sale” auction even if one lot offered for sale has a reserve placed on it. Therefore, this auction is conducted with reserves.
Seller reserves the right to add/delete vehicles to/from the auction at any time. Owner, consignor, or agent reserves the right to bid on their behalf.
Each registered bidder is solely responsible for the use of his/her bidder number and any use by another person is presumed to be with the consent of and contractually binding on the registered bidder.
Practices that eliminate competition, such as collusive bidding, are strictly prohibited and such acts may warrant administrative action against the participant(s).
Buyers are given 3 business days to remove all items purchased from the facility by 4pm without accruing storage fees. After the 3rd day the buyer will be given 7 days of storage at the discounted rate of $5.00 per day or $10 per day for medium/heavy duty vehicles. Vehicles not picked up within 10 days will be subject to the standard commercial rates for vehicles left in RRE custody. Vehicles will not be released until full payment is verified. RRE offers vehicle transport for any vehicles purchased at an RRE dismantler or public auction. Check with the local facility manager for transport rates. Vehicle storage fees will be waived if buyer elects to contract transport services through RRE. Only original purchaser or representative with authorization letter and valid photo identification will be permitted to remove vehicles from sale area.
Additional fees may apply including a 10% buyer's premium, tax, and an auction administrative fee. Buyers are encouraged to review auction catalog for applicable fees to lots prior to bidding.
I certify that I am not (1) under the age of 18; (2) an employee or agent of Rod Robertson Enterprises or their immediate family members; (3) an employee of the US Marshals Service or any department or agency prohibited by the regulations of that agency from purchasing property sold hereunder or their immediate family members prohibited from bidding on property/merchandise by policy, regulation, statute or contract; (4) a Rod Robertson Enterprises subcontractor/vendor, their agents and employees who have access to information concerning the property to be sold at a US Marshals Service auction that is not generally available to the public; (5) presently debarred or declared ineligible for the award of contracts by any Federal, state or county agency in accordance with 41 CFR 101-45.6; (6) or the party or representing the party(s) from whom the property was seized. For breach of this warranty, Rod Robertson Enterprises shall have the right to cancel any purchase contract without liability. Further, I agree that should I be named the successful bidder on a lot my registered name, lot number, lot description and winning bid amount may be published online in compliance with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996 (5 U.S.C. 552).
If any illegal controlled substances and/or contraband are discovered in a seized and forfeited vehicle(s) purchased at this sale, the buyer must immediately secure the vehicle(s) and contact Rod Robertson Enterprises. Sole ownership of vehicle(s) has been legally forfeited to the U.S. Government or applicable selling agency in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. The U.S. Government or selling agency is the “lawful sole-owner” of the vehicles and has the lawful right to dispose of them. Any and all previous ownership, registration, lien or encumbrance, or title to this property is null and void, and license plates previously attached to this vehicle have been destroyed.
As a buyer, I understand that it is my responsibility to research the status of DMV registration fees prior to purchasing a vehicle of interest. I further agree upon purchasing any property it will be my responsibility to comply with any local, state, or federal regulations or laws as applicable for the items purchased.
All terms & conditions apply for any government, municipality or commercial entity contracted by all divisions of Rod Robertson Enterprises, Inc. I agree that by registering & submitting my deposit, I have read and agree to the published terms and conditions. Failure to comply will result in automatic forfeiture of all deposited funds and cancellation of all purchases.
All sale documentation will be issued in the name of the registered bidder. Companies requiring sales documentation under business name should register as such.
All persons wishing to participate in the bidding process of the sale are required to obtain, completely fill out, and turn in a bidder registration card at the sale site prior to sale. A $200 refundable cash deposit is required to register.
An individual’s signature/initials on the bidder registration card is an acknowledgment of his/her full and complete understanding of all terms and conditions of the sales contract and his/her agreement to be bound thereby. The sales catalog and sales brochure may also contain terms and conditions constituting part of the sales contract. Each bidder must present a Government-issued photo ID as a prerequisite of registration (i.e. driver’s license, military ID or passport).
Each bidder will be issued a bidder number along with a sales catalog upon completion of registration. Each registered bidder is solely responsible for the use of his/her bidder number and any use by another person is presumed to be with the consent of and contractually binding on the registered bidder.
All prospective buyers are required to register prior to the auction, or prior to bidding. You must log on through our website at and complete the required information and follow all required steps to complete the registration process. By registering online, bidders understand that RRE is not responsible for technical issues out of our control that may impact either bidder’s participation in the auction or the entire auction process. To bid online you are required to place a $215 deposit by credit card ($200 auction deposit and $15 credit card transaction fee). Bidder approval is handled during regular business hours so bidders are encouraged to register early to ensure approval in time to bid.

The contractor (Rod Robertson Enterprises, Inc.) may videotape and/or audio record the conduct of sale, which may be utilized in dispute resolution processing and for other purposes as needed.
No personal video and audio recording allowed during preview or live auctions.
The bidder is invited, urged, and cautioned to inspect the property/merchandise prior to submitting a bid. The failure to inspect property/merchandise shall not constitute cause for cancellation of sale and no allowance, refunds or set aside will be made on account of any error in cataloging, imperfections, defects or damage. Any descriptions or representations are for identification purposes only and are not to be construed as a warranty of any type. The buyer agrees to rely on his/her personal inspection of the item(s) in the auction. Rod Robertson’s Auto Auctions (Rod Robertson Enterprises, Inc.) makes no guarantee as to accuracy of description made. Descriptions of vehicles, either written or oral, are furnished as a guide only.
Every person at the sale site and other areas where the property is located or displayed at all times shall be there at their own risk. No children under the age of 16 are permitted in the auction yard. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times while at the auction premises including auction yard and office. No person shall have any claim against the Auctioneer, their agents, employees or principals for any injuries sustained or death to any person or persons whomsoever nor for damages to or loss of property which may occur from any cause whatsoever.
Live sale announcements may be made on the day of the sale to clarify property/merchandise status, catalog descriptions, or other information specific to a lot or item. These announcements take precedence over sales catalog information pertinent to that property/merchandise, but do not alter in any way the basic terms and conditions of sale. An error sheet will be distributed to provide bidders with an up-to-date posting of lot additions, deletions, or modifications. The errata sheet information replaces the applicable corresponding information in the sales catalog.
Last minute statements and modifications may be made to online postings. It is the responsibility of the bidder to review the online auction posting for any such changes. Bidders are encouraged to call the auction team at (210) 692-7000 during business hours for any questions on the changes.
The seller reserves the right to add or remove items to/from the sale at any time prior to conclusion of auction.
Practices that eliminate competition, such as collusive bidding, may warrant criminal, civil, or administrative action against the participant(s) and may be referred to the Department of Justice in accordance with 41 CFR 102-38.50.
The Government/Seller reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to waive any technical defects in bids. While the vast majority of property sold does not have a minimum reserve price, some do but are not disclosed. If the minimum reserve price is not achieved, the Government/Seller reserves the right to negotiate for an acceptable selling price with the highest bidder after auction closing.
Bidders are responsible for making payment in full for all lots purchased by the time specified. Partial payments are not accepted; all awarded lots must be paid at once. Please be advised that payments made at bank can take 24-48 hours to be confirmed and therefore lots will not be released at facilities until payment is confirmed by RRE.
Forms of payment are cash or cashier’s check (payable to Rod Robertson Enterprise, Inc.) at the public auction venue within one hour of auction closing or wire transfer which is due no later than 1:00 p.m. central time the following business day.
When paying with cash or cashier’s check, photo identification of the registered bidder must be presented to initiate the payment process. Payment for each lot must be made by the successful registered bidder for that specific lot. Personal or business checks, bank letters, or letters of credit are not acceptable.
If paying by wire transfer, payment instructions are provided by cashiers. Bidders are responsible for all bank charges associated with wire transfer transactions.
All cash payments of $10,000 or more will be reported to the IRS in accordance with 26 USC 6050 Section I (d). In order to comply with this requirement, bidder must provide their Social Security Number or Federal ID number if a business, along with date of birth at the time of payment in order for completion of IRS Form 8300.
Invoices are emailed with payments instructions. Payment must be made by cash deposit at bank or wire transfer no later than 1:00 p.m. central time the following business day after invoices are sent. Bidders are responsible for all bank charges associated with wire transfer transactions. RRE does not accept check payments for online auction purchases. Any payment directly deposited into RRE’s bank account by check will result in a minimum 10 business day hold of property. In such case, buyer will remain responsible for applicable storage fees.
To bid online you are required to place a $215 deposit by credit card ($200 auction deposit and $15 credit card transaction fee). To bid live you will be required to place a $200 cash only deposit along with a valid driver's license or photo ID in order to receive a bidder card.
The Purchaser agrees to pay for property awarded to him/her in accordance with their successful bid. Deposit will be forfeited if the successful bidder fails to pay for their purchase in accordance to specified methods and timelines.
Live auction deposits are refunded immediately upon conclusion of the auction as RRE does not hold cash deposits. Online deposits are held by RRE until refunds are requested. Refund requests must be made to Online deposit refunds may take up to two weeks.
All purchasers are responsible for the payment of any and all applicable taxes imposed by any state, country, county, or political subdivision.
The Purchaser may be required to pay such taxes to the cashiers at time of sale or to tax officials after purchase is made. If sales taxes are required, presentation of proof of payment will be required prior to property/merchandise release.
(a) The Purchaser is responsible for making all arrangements for the packaging and removal of their purchases. When property is described as being boxed, packed, crated, skidded, or in containers, RRE does not warrant that the property, as packaged, is suitable for shipment. No partial release will be permitted. The Purchaser shall remove the property at his/her expense.
(b) All Purchasers or their authorized representatives will be required to present sale receipt(s) and release document(s) prior to the initiation of any shipment preparations. If a Purchaser designates a representative agent, broker or transporter to pick up their sale property, the Purchaser must prepare and sign an authorization letter identifying the agent to act on their behalf. The Agent must present photo identification to validate the Purchaser’s option prior to initiation of any action.
(c) Security for purchases is the responsibility of the Buyer and begins immediately upon the purchase of each lot. Removal is at the expense, liability and risk of the buyer. RRE and our auctioneer shall not be responsible for goods not removed within the specified time period.
Any property/merchandise listed in the sales catalog "Export Only" may not be entered into the commerce of the United States and must be exported. All Purchasers are responsible for complying with all applicable federal licensing and permit regulations prior to exportation. The failure of the purchaser to obtain necessary licensing will not result in the return of any monies tendered for the goods.
21. TITLE:
Buyers are highly encouraged to process title for their purchases within 48 hours of the auction in order to identify potential issues. All items are being sold free and clear of liens and encumbrances. Sale documentation will be provided in accordance with the corresponding Government/legal process involved (seizure, forfeiture, impoundment, repossession, etc.). Sale documentation meets local and state laws but RRE does not warrant or guarantee that the provided sale documents will be sufficient in and of themselves to obtain all necessary titles, registration, or licenses throughout the United States or for the process of exporting out of the United States.
The failure to make required deposit or final payments and/or comply with the time frames specified in the sales terms and conditions for removal of property/merchandise shall be deemed forfeiture of any rights, title, and interest the Purchaser may have acquired. The title of such property/merchandise may revert back to the Government/seller without further notice to the Purchaser and will result in any monies paid being forfeited. The transaction will be null and void as to the Purchaser. The property/merchandise will be processed for resale at the next available auction.
It is the Purchaser’s responsibility to ascertain and comply with all applicable Federal, State, local, international and multi-jurisdictional laws, ordinances and regulations pertaining to the registration, licensing, handling, possession, transportation, transfer, export, processing, manufacture, sale, use, or disposal of the property being purchased at the auction.
The Purchaser or user of this property is not excused from any violation of such laws or regulations either because the Government is a party to this sale or has had any interest in the property at any time.